Grief Resources

The Grieving Process

People all grieve differently, that is why we offer an extensive library of materials to assist you in the grieving process. Whether you are an adult, child, member of the family, friend or just have a friend who is grieving, you will be able to find material to help you understand why you are having the feelings that you are. We are a family serving families, our goal is and will always be to serve families as if they were our own.

Coping with Grief and Loss

Grief is the natural response to the loss of a  loved one, and yet remains the most misunderstood human emotion of all.  How often have you heard people speak about a person who is grieving "He or she is holding up well".  All this means is the person grieving is showing no outward sign of loss because we as humans don't want them to, we don't understand and we cannot cope with sharing grief with another.

Grief Resources

Center for Loss & Life Transition

Survivors of Suicide

Mother in sympathy and support

The Dougy Center

Compasionate Friends