Meet our Staff

Some of the most respectful & courteous people in our 
community work here. Your family doesn't deserve anything less.

Denise Maguire

Richard L. Maguire Jr.

Richard L. Maguire III

Mark DeVoe

Millie Katarba

Jerry Scott

Karl McAleer

Jim McAleer

Bob Pesaniello

Ken Wilson 

Bruce Schott

Leslie Schott

Ron Kovacs

Chuck Alleger

Charles Wright 

Richard Maguire is the Owner / Manager and a Licensed New Jersey Funeral Director. All other staff members are “unlicensed and not qualified to make funeral arrangements, embalm or conduct funerals.” They are however invaluable assets and have helped the families that we serve in a dignified and caring manner. We are truly blessed to have such a helpful and compassionate staff.