Keeping Memories Alive

We understand it is important for families to keep memories alive, and it is important to us to help you with that. With this in mind we provide at no charge to the families we serve a Celebration of Life DVD

Celebrate the life of that special someone with a personalized tribute produced individually for that person. A Celebration of Life DVD can almost bring life to a still photograph while preserving forever those special moments that we all choose to recall. We have all experienced the emotional power of combining the visual image, what we are seeing, with the unforgettable sound of a favorite song or melody. Now imagine that image is of someone special to you. Photographs are enhanced with special software to present them the best they can be. Your music selection is perfectly synchronized with pictures as they move together through those treasured moments of life. Each DVD is separately mastered and archived forever. The personalized Celebration of Life DVD is something that will bring back memories whenever you desire. We also feature the video on our website. Click here to view a sample Video. 

Let us show you how pictures that have not been touched in 30 years can touch an entire room. At our funeral home we have always provided options. Our Celebration of Life DVD is a memorable way to complement any service. We will take old photographs you provide, set them to music and create a personal video montage to be shown during the service. It is also a keepsake you will cherish forever. Also as part of pre-need, coming soon, a documentary a professional video production biography. Ask about our video tributes. We’re doing more than thinking ahead. We’re thinking of you.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what might a video say? Pictures capture those special moments in time we wish last a lifetime. Now, we can take those moments and create a Remembrance film to honor the life of our loved one. Using pictures of your choice combined with fitting music, this special keepsake can be shown during the service. At our funeral home, we believe that every life is worth remembering, so please ask us today how we can assist you with this touching service. 

Give us old snapshots and we’ll give you a new way of remembering. Our Celebration of Life DVD are more than a unique way to show the past, they are a remarkable way to share memories. You provide old photos of family and friends and we’ll develop a one of a kind video montage set to music that can be shown at the service. Celebration of Life DVD, keeping the memories alive.